Caroline Cronin

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This page is dedicated to the lovely Caroline Cronin who sadly passed away on 28th August 2008. We miss you, Caroline, and we will remember you always.

Caroline Cronin is a bubbly Irish Country vocalist, who originates from Bantry, Ireland. Her 2002 CD is titled "That's Who I Am". It contains songs that will be familiar to you, 'Let Me Be There" and "River Deep Mountain High". It also contains some that you will not have heard before, 'Who I Am' and 'Northern Lights Are Shining For Me'.

For a complete list of all the tracks on this CD click here. To see  pictures taken during the  recording of the CD "That's Who I Am" click here.

Hear snippets from the album.

Let Me Be There
Who I Am
When You Are Old

This is a nice picture of Caroline. It captures her as we think she is - happy and bubbly. 

Colin Frechter with Caroline Cronin and Mickey

(Click on pics for a larger image)

Left, Colin Frechter with Caroline Cronin and husband Mickey. As Mickey's "Emerald Motors" garage is just a few minutes walk from The Royal Albert Hall (where we were working with The Troggs), it was decided to park the car in Mickey's garage - for a very reasonable fee. The pub meal was far better than the frozen / heat-in-a-microwave meals provided at the Albert Hall. (Just ask Reg Presley or Chris Britton)


Caroline with Hollywood hard man Vinnie Jones


Click here for pictures taken during the  recording of the CD "That's Who I Am"

That's Who I Am

1/ Let Me Be There

2/ Who I Am

3/ River Deep Mountain High

4/ Amazed

5/ The Answer To My Prayer

6/ Northern Lights Are Shining For Me

7/ When You Are Old

8/ Right Where I Need To Be

9/ On The Way To A Dream

10/ The First Time

11/ I Believe I Can Fly

12/ The Best Of Me



Guy Ritchie and Madonna are friends of Caroline and Mickey, her husband. Caroline had mentioned to Guy that her favourite actor was Brad Pitt. Well, while Caroline was touring Ireland, in November promoting her CD, Guy was filming near by. He invited Caroline and Mickey, to join them for dinner one evening. (I believe that Guy had especially arranged the filming to be near where Caroline would be staying, in Bantry.)

Well, what a memorable dinner it was. Also at the dinner, Tom Cruise, Leonardo DeCaprio and ...... you've guessed ...... Brad Pitt! What a star studded dinner party!

Caroline was delighted. She explained in her Bantry accent, referring to Tom Cruise, Leonardo DeCaprio and Brad Pitt, "They are so tiny, like lepricorns, I could have cuddled them all night!"


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