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Winklefeffer's Boogie
The Theme For The Silver Wolf

Click here to hear The Tornados' Roger LaVern's on-air phone call with Mindy Lang at Miami's Majic 102.7

Did You Know ?
The soldier on guard in the scene from the film "The Reluctant Debutant" is Roger LaVern. He was a member of the Household Cavalry Regiment of the Royal Horse Guards and it was his turn on duty when the film was shot

Mon 17 Jun 2013
Very sad news. We have just learned that Roger has lost his battle with cancer and has died. We believe that he has died peacefully at his Bromley, Kent home, but cannot confirm this. We send our condolences to Maria and their family. Rest in peace Roger.

25 May 2013
We have just heard that Roger LaVern, is in hospital fighting terminal cancer. Ward Medical 2, Princess Royal University Site, Farnborough Common, Orpington, Kent BR6 8ND. We send him our very best wishes.

21 May 2007
Click here to hear Roger's surprise phone call to Miami radio station wmxj Majic 102.7's Mindy Lang while visiting Welwyn Garden City.

10 May 2007
Roger has just advised us that his biography will be called "The Life Of A Tornado".

25 January 2007
Roger taped an interview today for the BBC's '50th Anniversary Of Joe Meek's Death' Special at The BBC Studio, Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London W1. With Roger LaVern were John Leyton ("Johnny Remember Me", "Wild Wind"); Clem Cattini (Tornados and session drummer on 35 UK #1 hits); Mike Berry ("Tribute To Buddy Holly", "Don't You Think It's Time", "The Sunshine Of Your Smile")

12 December 2006
Roger is working hard on his autobiography, "Despite Everything - I'm Still Here!". . . On Saturday 3rd February 2007 he will be attending the Joe Meek Festival at The Wyllyotts Theatre in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. . . . The advance market research results for the "Piano" CD have been incredible. Roger has been delighted to hear so many comments praising this recording. The CD will be released at the same time as Roger's Autobiography "Despite Everything - I'm Still Here!". . . Listen out for Roger's December 1963 Christmas records "Christmas Stocking" and "Reindeer Ride", available from Sanctuary Records. Roger sends you his best wishes.

13 February 2006
Roger enjoyed a visit to Welwyn Garden City for a business meeting. He also enjoyed lunch at The Attimore, Ridgeway, WGC, and finally met up with Kenny Hollywood, who recorded "Magic Star", the vocal version of Roger's hit "Telstar".

31 October 2005
Soon to be released on CD during November 2005 on Sanctuary Records "Billy Fury & The Tornados Radio Luxemburg Recordings" (Double CD CMQDD1170) also "The Tornados" (3 CD Set)

18 August 2005
Roger is definitely looking and feeling better, although he has lost a lot of weight. Today, plans have been discussed for the promotion of the 'Piano' CD single and the possible recording of more tracks to complete an album. The long awaited autobiography is also nearing completion.

03 August 2005
On Thursday 28th July 2005 Roger went for his usual hospital check up. On finding that he had low blood count, they gave him a pint of blood and he had a very bad reaction to it - he went into cardiac arrest!

He has just returned home from the hospital and telephoned to see how I was getting on with the design for the CD sleeve.

Rest well Roger and make a good recovery.

25 July 2005
Roger enjoyed a meal with his friend Dave Barber at the Raj Palace, Bromley on 25 Jul 05 (see photo on the right). The item on top of their discussion was the release of Roger's CD single "Piano".

Although still not 100% fit Roger is raring to get his CD single "Piano" released, and is looking forward to promoting it. Designs for the CD sleeve have been discussed and drafts will be available in a few weeks.

Roger has also recently enjoyed meeting up with his friend from 1962, former New Musical Express reporter, Chris Hutchings. It was Chris who had telephoned Roger, when he was with the Tornados, to tell them that their record "Telstar" had made into the Top 10. It, of course, went on to reach number one and become a world wide smash.

Besides his battle with cancer, we were saddened to learn that Roger has also recently suffered a heart attack.

We wish him well as he continues his recovery from all his recent trauma.

01 April 2005
Roger is now feeling a lot better after major surgery to remove two large tumors and chemotheropy.

The illness put on hold the release, and the promoting, of the excellent new CD single that Roger recorded last year 'Piano'.

The upbeat instrumental tracks on this CD are :-
1/ Piano (Radio Edit)
2/ Winklefeffer Boogie
3/ Silver Wolf
4/ Piano (12" Ext Mix)

Click here to read Roger's memories of the recording session for the world wide million seller "Telstar".

Click here for pics taken during the recording of the 'Piano' CD.

Roger LaVern & Colin Frechter pictured in Bush Fair, Harlow on Wed 07May02 enjoying a working lunch. Click here or on image for more photos.

Roger LaVern



Roger LaVern photographed in Bromley on Monday 05 Dec 2005 with Attila and Anna

Roger LaVern photographed in Bromley at his favourite restaurant on Monday 05 Dec 2005 with waitress Anna and the chef

Roger LaVern photographed in Bromley on Thursday 18 Aug 2005 with his favourite waitresses Anna, Aisha and friend Dave Barber

Les Tornados pictured outside the Paris Olympia, in April 1963. They were top of the bill at this famous theatre. Left to right; Clem Cattini, Heinz Burt, Roger LaVern, Alan Caddy and George Bellamy

Roger with Nicole outside the Peartree, Welwyn Garden City on 21 May 2007

Kenny Plows (Kenny Hollywood) with Roger LaVern on Mon 13 Feb 2006 in Welwyn Garden City. Kenny also recorded with Joe Meek. Kenny's track "Magic Star" was a vocal version of the instrumental Telstar. This is the first time that they have met.

Roger LaVern pictured at Welwyn Garden City station on Monday 13 Feb 2006 at 18:28  boarding the Kings Cross train at the start of his journey back home to Kent.

Roger LaVern first contacted Coda in 2000 with the desire to record and have arranged three instrumentals. Since then he has become a good friend. In 2009, we lost contact with him.

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