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Dave Barber


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David Barber
Colin Frechter
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Coda's recent work has included an album for Irish country singer, Caroline Cronin and a CD single for Roger LaVern, former keyboard player with "The Tornados"

Colin Frechter is an experienced musical director, arranger, keyboard player, and vocalist. He has worked with many top artists including, Elaine Paige, The Four Tops, Take That, The Troggs, The Brotherhood Of Man, Showaddywaddy, The Bay City Rollers, Freddie Starr, Johnny Ray, Shakin' Stevens, Cilla Black and many others.

He made, all The Troggs records. Playing the ocarina solo on "Wild Thing", writing and recording the strings parts for "Love Is All Around", for example. On 10 Apr 02 Colin  conducted the strings quartet for The Troggs Royal Albert Hall Concert, London.

In February 2002 Colin worked as Elaine Paige's rehearsal pianist, assisting Elaine to rehearse for her engagements in Salt Lake City, USA. He also assisted Elaine rehearse for her 11th December 2001 Albert Hall concert with Jose Carreras and for her summer 2001 Hyde Park, London, 'Concert In The Park', with Cliff Richard.

Dave Barber is Colin's assistant. He has the important job of setting up the microphones,  the computers and making the coffee. He also plays guitar, bass guitar, drums, a little piano and sings backing harmony vocals. 

To quote New Musical Express's Keith Altham's sleeve notes from the Troggs album Trogglodynamite "Colin Frechter their arranger (a kind of honorary Trogg who blows, thumps or sings anything necessary to augment the group on disc)." Let us augment your ideas into digital sound!

Here is a list of just a few of Colin's Hit singles:-

THE TROGGS Wild Thing / With A Girl Like You / I Can't Control Myself / Any Way That You Want Me / Give It To Me / Night Of The Long Grass / Love Is All Around / Little Girl

THE BAY CITY ROLLERS  Bye Bye Baby / Give A Little Love / Money Honey / Love Me Like I Love You / I Only Want To Be With You

PLASTIC PENNY  Everything I Am


FOUR TOPS  For Your Love

Colin Frechter

Coda's experienced arranger


Caroline Cronin

We enjoyed working with Caroline. We had a very  happy time recording her "That's Who I Am" CD. When Caroline arrived at the studio she often brought with her delicious  jumbo sandwiches for us - what a lovely lass!


Roger LaVern

We recorded a CD single with Roger. He shared so many wonderful stories with us. More pics soon.


Elaine Paige


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