Bob Barratt

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Bob Barratt's friends Colin Frechter & Tim Rice. Bob produced Tim's and Andrew Lloyd Webber's first recording session. 



Bruce Welch "The Shadows" rhythm guitarist and lead vocalist.  Bob worked with "The Shadows" when he was Norrie Paramor's assistant.



Colin Frechter with Abbey Road Studio Engineer Peter Vince and his wife. Peter worked with Bob at Abbey Road Studio and also with "The Beatles" on many of their famous recordings.



Colin Frechter with Phil Kelsall. Bob referred to organist Phil Kelsall as his most successful artist.



Memories Of Bob Barratt

Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 5:01 PM
Subject: Bob Barrett

Hi Guys,
During a conversation with Clem while traveling to a gig in April, I discovered the sad passing of Bob Barrett a friend of mine from my Abbey Road days, Bob was a lovely man, here is a little information about him I don't think a lot of people know.

I was about to cut an EP for Norrie Paramor, when Bob approached me and asked if I would listen to a song he had co-written with Elvis songwriter Aaron Schroeder, it was a great number so I included it on my EP, that was Bob's first recorded work to be released, my good friend the late Billy Fury also put it on an album as well.
                 My Best Wishes.
                       Dave Sampson.... Hitchin


Click here for photos of Bob Barratt in the studio

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