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Title A Side Artist Title B Side Contribution Number Year Label
Come Outside Russ Abbott ? Arranger / Kbds / Vcls ? ? ?
Love And Not Hate Peter Adler You Especially Arranger F 12262 1965 Decca
Hard Times For Young Lovers Deke Arlow Little Boy Arranger DB 7841 1966 Columbia
The Tra-La-La Song The Banana Bunch Funky Hoe Arranger POF 183 1970 Page One
I Never See The Sun Baskin & Copperfield Face Of A Friend Arranger / Producer F 23079 1970 Decca
Bye Bye Baby Bay City Rollers It's For You M. D. / Vocals / Kbd BELL 1109 1975 Bell
Give A Little Love Bay City Rollers She'll Be Crying Over You M. D. / Vocals / Kbd BELL 1425 Jul 1975 Bell
Money Honey Bay City Rollers Maryanne M. D. / Vocals / Kbd BELL 1461 Nov 1975 Bell
Love Me Like I Love You Bay City Rollers Mama Li M. D. / Vocals / Kbd BELL 1477 Apr 1976 Bell
I Only Wanna Be With You Bay City Rollers Rock 'N Roller M. D. / Vocals / Kbd BELL 1493 Aug 1976 Bell
It's A Game Bay City Rollers Dance, Dance, Dance M. D. / Vocals / Kbd Arista 108 Apr 1977 Arista
You Made Me Believe In Magic Bay City Rollers Dedication / Are You Cuckoo M. D. / Vocals / Kbd Arista 127 Jul 1977 Arista
Rock And Roll Love Letter Bay City Rollers Shanghai'd In Love M. D. / Vocals / Kbd AS 0185 1977 Arista
I Can't Wait Barry Benson Oh No Arranger POF 034 1967 Page One
We Shall Not Be Moved Big Daddy Big Daddy Arranger / Keyboard DB 9079 1980 Columbia
I Wanted To Call It Off Cilla Black Keep Your Mind On Love Arranger EMI 2658 08 Jul 1977 EMI
Silly Boy Cilla Black I Couldn't Make My Mind Up Arranger EMI 2791 1978 EMI
Catch Me (If I Fall In Your Direction) Blackwater Junction Amazing Grace Vocals / Keyboard MKS 5104 03 Nov 1972 MCA
If Saturday Could Last Forever Bo'flyers 17 Teenage Dream Arranger / Keyboard 7N 45597 1976 Pye
You've Gotta Have Love Babe Graeme Bond Organisation I Love You Producer POF 014 1967 Page One
Anything For You Ronnie Bond Carolyn Arranger / Producer POF 123 1969 Page One
Brother Hold Your Head Up High Boss Effect
Goodbye Life That Used To Be Arranger F 23141 1971 Decca
Just One Of Those Things Bowles Brothers Dashed With Tabasco Arr / Producer / Vcls F 13750 1978 Decca
Lola Brincos Passport M. D. POF 023 26 May 1967 Page One
Lola Los Brincos The Train M. D. NOX 43 1967 Novola (Espana)
When Love Catches Up On You Brotherhood Of Man How Can You Love Musical Director DNS 1055 18 Jan 1974 Dawn
Lady Brotherhood Of Man Love's Bound To Get Ya M. D. DNS 1072 1974 Dawn
(Kiss Me, Kiss Your Baby) Brotherhood Of Man Put Out The Fire Arranger DNS 1111 1975 Dawn
(Beautiful Lover) Brotherhood Of Man Much Better Than You M. D. 7N 46071 May 1978 Pye
(Middle Of The Night) Brotherhood Of Man When Summer's Gone Arranger / Conductor 7N 46117 Sep 1978 Pye
Honey Don't Throw Our Love Away Brotherhood Of Man (This Is The Night) M. D. DAZS 1 1980 Dazzle
Weekend Love Affair Brotherly Love (Don't Make A Fool Of Me) Co-Writer & Co-Arranger S CBS 2004 18 Jan 1974 CBS
Anyway That You Want Me Faith Brown City Wine Arranger PEN 766 1971 Penny Farthing
Hey Mama Joe Brown Misty Mountain Arranger AMO 101 1973 Ammo
Can't You Hear The Song Butterscotch All I Ever Wanna Do Arranger JAM 15 1972 Jam
Ballin' The Jack Camp Galore Boop Boop A Hustle Arr / Kbd / Strings DJ76-5003 1976 D&M Sound (USA)
Ain't Nobody Home The Chants For You Arranger POF 016 1967 Page One
Vahevala Champagne (Windows) Arranger THE 103 21 Nov 1975 Thunderbird
Bad Old Days Co-Co Get You Out Of My Life Arranger / Co-Producer AHA 513 Mar 1978 Ariola Hansa
Zion I Cymande The Message M. D. / Keyboards J 203 1972 Janus
Born With A Smile On My Face Stephanie De Sykes Woman's Intuition Arranger BRAD 7409 1974 Bradleys
Only Love Stephanie De Sykes What Good Is Love Arranger BRAD 7474 1974 Bradleys
Scoubidou Des Pommes, Des  Poires Julian & Sacha Distel Les Fils De La Nation Arranger / Producer 49 859 1981 Carrere (France)
Le Bateau Blanc Sacha Distel Belle Jambes Mais Alors Quelle Tete Arranger / Producer 49 699 1980 Carrere (France)
Tu Es Sur Ma Liste Sacha Distel Le Coup De La Tendresse Arranger / Producer 49 818 1981 Carrere (France)
Donne Moi La Main Encore Sacha Distel Mets La Musique Par Dessus Arranger / Producer 49 938 1982 Carrere (France)
Mississippi Mud Val Doonican Beautiful Dreamer Arr / Producer / Kbds RCA 229 1982 RCA
At A Time Like This Lee Drummond Baby I Know Arranger / Kbds POF 005 1966 Page One
The Last Time Fabulous Wealthy Tarts The Chase Is On Arranger BULB 2 1983 Bright
Follow Me Fame And Price (Georgie & Alan) (Sergeant Jobsworth) Co-Writer CBS 7602 1971 CBS
(Something Wonderful) The Fantastics Man Made World Co-Writer BLL 1162 1971 Bell
At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal (Pick Of The Pops Theme) Bryan Faye And His Orchestra The Clanger Keyboard R 4909 May 1962 Parlophone
Men Of Oats And Creosote Graham Fellows Rebecca Arranger INT 598 1979 EMI
Don't Laugh At Me (Cause I'm A Fool) Bernie Flint Woman In Love Arranger EMI 5069 09 May 1980 EMI
For Your Love The Four Tops You'll Never Find A Better Man Arranger ABC 4199 Dec 1977 ABC
Oklahoma Dave Freeman Song For You Arranger 2058 879 1977 Polydor
(There's A Whole Lot Of Loving) Guys 'n' Dolls Don't Turn The Other Cheek Arranger MAG 20 1974 Magnet
Here I Go Again Guys 'n' Dolls Can't You Hear The Song Arranger MAG 30 1975 Magnet
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me Guys 'n' Dolls We're All In The Same Boat Arranger MAG 50 1976 Magnet
Hold My Hand Caroline Hall Put A Light In The Window Arranger F 13146 1971 Decca
(Presbyterian Church) Rolph Harris Black Midnight Swamp Vocal Arranger EMI 2286 04 May 1975 EMI
Marching Matilda Tony Hiller Orchestra Rosy's Theme Arranger ? 1971 Decca
Shine On Silver Light Hello Gotta Lotta Soul Arranger ARISTA 99  1977 Arista
Slow Motion Hello The In Place Arranger EMI 60143  1977 EMI (Germany)
Good Old USA Hello Midnight Stranger Arranger 1C 006-99286 1977 Arista (Germany)
Feel This Thing Hello Back Seat Talking Arranger 2040 333 1979 Polydor (Germany)
The Martians Have Landed The Houghton Weavers The Ballad Of Wigan Pier M. D. / Arr / Kbds DB 9082 1980 Columbia
Bobby's Girl Jade I'm In Love Again Arranger / Keyboards POR 007 1982 Page One
They Won't Listen James & Jeremiah Somewhere To Run Arranger / Keyboards MF 880 1965 Mercury
Over And Over The James Boys Same Old Way Arranger / Keyboards PEN 806 1973 Penny Farthing
When The First Tear Shows Brian Keith When My Baby Smiles At Me Arranger / Keyboards POF 103 1968 Page One
(When It Comes To Love) Brian Keith The River Of Life Producer POF 169 1970 Page One
First Cut Is The Deepest Brian Keith San Francisco Woman Arranger / Keyboards ALA 6 1973 Alaska
My Mammy King Brothers Some Of These Days Arranger POF 033 1967 Page One
You Make My Head Spin Jackie Lee (Hallelujah Lamb) Arranger 7N 45245 15 Jun 1973 Pye
Lady Eleanor Lemon Lady Of The Evening Arranger F 13192 1971 Decca
Mystery Lady Martin, David Let Me Love You Till Tomorrow Arranger / Keyboards ? 1969 DJM
Another Day Goes By Martin, Seth Look At Me Arranger / Keyboards POF 073 1968 Page One
Rock On Elvis (Medley) McLean, Tulsa Rock On Elvis (Medley) Pt 2 Arr / Kbds / Producer RCA 123 1981 RCA
Rock On Elvis (Medley) McLean, Tulsa Rock On Elvis (Medley) Pt 2 Arr / Kbds / Producer RCAT 123 1981 RCA
Just A Little Bit Harder Dave Meadows Georgia Road Arranger / Conductor DB 8944 1972 Columbia
The Adventures Of Santa Claus / Christmas Scenes The Mini Pops Ring A Bell For Christmas / Rock Baby Jesus Arranger / Keyboards CR 95 1986 Creole
Thanks For Giving Us Christmas / The Man In Red The Mini Pops Christmas Time Around The World / Shine O ... Arranger / Keyboards BULB 9 1987 Bright
Christmas Of Yesterday / That First Christmas Day The Mini Pops Christmas Feelings / I Wish Arranger / Keyboards BULB 12 1988 Bright
Carolyn The Mirage The World Goes On Around You Arranger / Producer POF 111 1968 Page One
No. 10 Downing Street The Nerve George's March Arranger / Keyboards POF 019 1967 Page One
Searchin' Trish O'Brien My Irish Molly-O Arranger BELLE 1 1988 Belle
Miracles (A Mini Epic) Oppo The Flame Arranger / Keyboards EMI 2451 1976 EMI
Colour Talk Page Ten Boutique Keyboard F 12248 1965 Decca
Everything I Am Plastic Penny No Pleasure Without Pain My Love M. D. / Producer POF 051 Nov 1967 Page One
Your Way To Tell Me Go Plastic Penny Baby You're Not To Blame M. D. / Producer POF 079 26 Jul 1968 Page One
Nobody Knows It Plastic Penny Just Happy To Be With You M. D. POF 062 Mar 1968 Page One
Hound Dog Plastic Penny Currency Producer POF 107 22 Nov 1968 Page One
She Does Plastic Penny Genevieve M. D. / Producer POF 146 11 Jul 1969 Page One
Born Too Late The Pony-Tails Come On Joey Dance With Me Arranger POP 516 1958 HMV
Someone Slipping Into My Mind Mike Quinn I Know That You Know Arranger TF 761 1966 Fontana
Rock And Roll You're Beautiful Mike Redway Guiding Star Arranger GA 0112 1981 Go Ahead
Life's Too Short Rescue Co. No. 1 (Then I Think About You) Arranger RAK 122 1971 Rak
One More Tear Malcolm Roberts (In My Own Time) Arranger EMI 2138 19 Apr 1974 EMI
Nature Girl Joy Rose Girls Are Made For Loving Arranger POF 007 1966 Page One
Within My Lonely Heart Robby Royal Musical Director When I Found You F 12097 1965 Decca
For Britannia Mike St. Clair Love Comes Along Arranger BRIT 001 1981 EMI
Can't Break The Habit Helen Shapiro For All The Wrong Reasons Co-Producer 6.12 094 1977 Decca (Germany)
Jubeldown Sky Pony Chubby Producer F 23082 1970 Decca
It's You Freddie Starr We Can't Make It Anymore M. D. / Arranger / Kbds 6121 501 Feb 1974 Tiffany
Making The Same Mistake Russell Stone Not Seeing You Musical Director F 13166 16 Apr 1971 Decca
Have You Heard Russell Stone Taking It Slow M. D. F 13191 1971 Decca
Dream Magazine Svensk Getting Old Arranger / Keyboards POF 036 1967 Page One
If You Feel He Cares Swing Thing It Only Hurts When I Love Arranger MAG 65 1976 Magnet
It Happened On A Sunday Morning The Tree People Come On Into My World Arranger 2058 197 1972 Polydor
Lost Girl The Troggs The Yella In Me M. D. / Vocals 202038 Feb 1966 CBS
Wild Thing The Troggs From Home M. D. / Vcls / Ocarina TF 689 Apr 1966 Fontana
With A Girl Like You The Troggs I Want You M. D. / Vocals TF 717 Jul 1966 Fontana
I Can't Control Myself The Troggs Gonna Make You M. D. / Vocals POF 001 Sep 1966 Page One
Any Way That You Want Me The Troggs 66-5-4-3-2-1 M. D. / Vocals POF 010 Dec 1966 Page One
Give It To Me The Troggs You're Lying M. D. / Vocals POF 015 Feb 1967 Page One
Night Of The Long Grass The Troggs Girl In Black M. D. / Vocals POF 022 May 1967 Page One
My Lady The Troggs Girl In Black M. D. / Recorders POF 022 1967 Page One
Hi Hi Hazel The Troggs As I Ride By M. D. / Vocals POF 030 1967 Page One
Love Is All Around The Troggs When Will The Rain Come M. D. / Vcls / Producer POF 040 13 Oct 1967 Page One
Little Girl The Troggs Maybe The Madman? M. D. / Vcls / Producer POF 056 16 Feb 1968 Page One
Surprise, Surprise (I Need You) The Troggs Marbles And Some Gum M. D. / Vcls / Producer POF 064 Apr 1968 Page One
Hip Hip Hooray The Troggs Say Darlin'? M. D. / Vocals POF 092 Sep 1968 Page One
Evil Woman The Troggs Sweet Madeleine M. D. / Vocals POF 114 Jan 1969 Page One
Good Vibrations The Troggs Push It Up To Me M. D. / Vocals PEN 861 Dec 1974 Penny Farthing
Get My Wheels A-Rollin' Union Express One Good Reason Arranger F 23155 1971 Decca
(Ring A Ring Of Roses) Union Express Emily Knows Musical Director MO 1174 1971? Decca (Espana)
Green Veined Orchid The Universals While The Cats Away Arranger / Keyboards POF 049 1967 Page One
Mr. Organ Grinder Vehicle Cloudy Day Arranger DM 342 1971 Deram
Lovin' You Mriska Veres You Showed Me How Arranger / Producer PE22 176G 1976 Pink Elephant
Judy Velvet Night My Girl Donna M.D. / Arranger / Keyboards F 13477 1974 Decca
Precious Love Tom Waite She's My Woman M. D. 7N 45327 22 Feb 1974 Pye
(Lazy River) Tony Williams Man Made World Co-Writer DB 8790 21 May 1971 Columbia
Little Drummer Boy Joanna Wyatt Dancing In Rio Arranger / Keyboards CBS A 2990 1982 CBS
Let's Do The Latin Hustle The Year Of The Dragon Over My Shoulder Co-Producer / Arranger GULS 30 1976 Gull

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